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Your Purpose is not to Get Married and Have Kids

Many of us grew up with our main aspiration in life being to get married and have kids.

We dreamed of, prepared for, and practiced for the role of future wife, motherer, and domestic engineer.

And sadly, many of us were completely unprepared for this unexpected chapter called prolonged singleness. We did not dream of, practice for, or prepare for this. What is this strange, unfamiliar territory?

Well-meaning people in our lives had lead us to believe that our purpose as women was to be a wife and mom. Or perhaps our own strong desires for marriage had given us this clouded perspective. And when marriage didn't happen on our timeline, we were tempted to become bitter towards God. We may not have known how to put it into words, but the cry of our hearts became: "God, why are You withholding my purpose from me? If You created me for this, why are You not bringing it to pass?!"

But we were believing a lie.

For although God has created women with the unique ability to be wives and mothers, and though He calls these things a gift, they are not out purpose.

They are not the reason we exist.

Christian women exist to know the Lord, bring Him glory, and win souls to Him. To know Him and make Him known. To find in Him our everything, and share that glorious news with the world.

Some of us may live out this purpose by becoming a wife, raising children and being a homemaker. And some of us might live this out by being a single woman, holy in body and spirit, and attending upon the Lord without distraction. Both are gifts. Both bring trials and joys. Both glorify God.

Living out our purpose does not depend on which gift we've been given. In fact, a sure way to not live out our purpose is to be bitter about the chapter God has placed us in; to reject the gift He has given us.

You may be asking, "But what if I dont want the gift of singleness?" We've all been given gifts we didn't want. You know, the ones that get immediately returned or re-gifted. But what do we do with an unwanted gift that we can't get rid of?

It's time for us to accept it, ladies, trusting that the Giver knows what's best for us, and we don't. And it's time for us to put it to use. Time to embrace it with our whole hearts, seeking out it's blessings, rewards and challenges. Accepting our gift of singleness doesn't mean we must give up on our dream of becoming a wife/mom/homemaker. On the contrary, we should keep praying for it and keep seeking it in a godly way, from a surrendered heart. Just don't let the desire or the dashed dream keep you from living out your true purpose, or from enjoying the gift God's given you for right now.

We only have one life, and only one chance to use this gift for the Lord. Time to make the most of it!

( written when I had the gift of singleness. <3 )

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Mar 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Such a truth-filled post as always!

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