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about madison

   Madison Rudkin Hearn is the founder of Dear Single Woman, a ministry that encourages Christian single women to find their fulfillment in Christ alone. Her writings began as personal journal entries as she struggled to understand what God's purpose is for singleness and His heart for single women. As she searched God's Word, the truth she discovered completely transformed her outlook, attitude, and feelings about singleness, and she felt a burden to share it with others.

   She is a native Idahoan, the oldest of six siblings, and a former homeschooler who now enjoys working as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She loves being in nature, spending time with family, and reading (usually a vintage book or an Elisabeth Elliot book). In October 2023, she married her husband William and

moved with him to Pennsylvania, where God continues to teach her the same lessons in a new "classroom."


    In her free time she can often be found walking in the morning sunshine, serving in the music ministry at her church, baking some kind of healthy dessert, or drinking a big glass of raw milk.

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